General Litigation

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Boldly Standing Up For Your Civil Rights

Have you been treated unfairly by an employer or our criminal justice system because of your age, race, gender or disability?

Experienced litigation attorney Josias Flynn and his Legal Resolutions law firm show zero tolerance for violations of your civil rights, no matter what the venue. Josias built his reputation as a respected trial lawyer — a track record that can benefit you from start to finish of your case.

Civil rights matters that Josias has participated in or is uniquely qualified to handle include:

  • Employment discrimination, including workplace harassment, whistleblower retaliation, Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) complaints, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) issues, wage-hour disputes and wrongful terminations
  • Housing discrimination and Fair Housing Act violations
  • Discriminatory practices in the financial industry, such as personal and business lending
  • Violations of civil liberties, including First Amendment freedom of speech and the Second Amendment right to bear arms
  • Excessive force and police misconduct, police accountability and police brutality

Civil rights cases can be complicated propositions; protections from federal, state and local laws can vary dramatically. But if you suspect that you have been discriminated against or treated unfairly in any circumstance, contact Legal Resolutions to discuss your legal options.

Ready To Fight For Your Civil Rights Anywhere In Washington State

If a legal dispute has become contentious, when litigation is a foregone conclusion — over a personal injury claim, high-asset divorce, real estate boundary or civil rights dispute — Legal Resolutions is the law firm for you. “Resolutions” is in our name.

To arrange your free consultation with Josias Flynn, to discuss your issues with a lawyer who cares, contact our Tacoma law office at 253-203-1506 or reach us online by email.